Revolutionary Treatment For Evaporative Dry Eye
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Ocular Surface Disease and MMP -9 Detection

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Now a new test that can detect a marker for inflammation in a miniscule sample provides evidence of the early presence of ocular surface disease and/or dry eye. The device, called the RPS InflammaDry Detector, was developed by Rapid Pathogen Screening (Sarasota, Fla.). It detects the Presence of MMP-9, a cytokine produced by epithelial cells experiencing inflammation that appears to be a reliable marker for the presence of early ocular surface disease and dry eye.

Testing has demonstrated a very high correlation between the presence of MMP-9 and dryness, and MMP-9 is not found on
normal eyes. In fact, the MMP- 9 molecule may indicate more than just insufficient moisture on the eye; It is suspected that meibomian gland disease and other inflammation of the ocular surface also elevate MMP-9.

It’s an effective way to separate normal eyes from dry eyes.

The presence or absence of MMP-9 may tell us whether or not a patient will respond to treatment with
cyclosporine, doxycycline or steroids.

Treating with those drugs causes the MMP-9 to disappear, as the test can demonstrate. So the test tells you when there’s a problem that needs to be addressed; it lets us as doctors predict whether anti-inflammatory treatment will be helpful; and it gives us a way to monitor the success of treatment.