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Welcome to DRY EYE CLINIC OF REGINA a division of The Spectrum Eye Centre , where our eye doctors, Dr. Bryan Robertson , Dr. Scott Friskie, Dr. Travis Robertson and Dr. Kayla Stevens are fully committed to providing the highest quality eye care to you, your family, and our community

The Dry Eye Clinic of Regina ultizilies state-of-the-art equipment in its efforts to provide comprehensive eye care with special emphasis on dry eye and ocular surface disease:

The Dry Eye Clinic of Regina focuses exclusively on the proper diagnosis and treatment of dry eye and ocular surface disease.  It is part of The Spectrum Eye Centre, which provides a full range of eye care services including routine and emergency care, a broad selection of spectacles and the latest in conventional and specialty contact lens care.


We will continue to stay on the cutting edge of technology with the latest in instrumentation and continuing education for our eye doctors and staff. We will offer the newest innovations for your visual wellness, including contact lenses, ophthalmic eyewear, corneal refractive therapy, and laser vision correction for patients with standard and unusual vision conditions. We remain dedicated to providing excellence in vision care for you and your family to maximize your quality of life in the years ahead.